Dropin: Sync your Android photos to Dropbox

Syncing data and getting it when we need it is getting easier and easier by the day, but there are gaps in data syncing that still need to be filled. Dropin an Android app by Ondra Zahradnik attempts to fill one of these gaps by linking your Android images and videos folder on your phone to your personal Dropbox account.

This functionally has been lacking for a long time and is notably missing in other wireless syncing apps like AirSync by DoubleTwist which I have used in the past but because of images being omitted from the syncing I found it quite useless for my needs.

Anyway, the app is simple enough although not very user-friendly at the moment, just download it onto your phone and enter your Dropbox details.. I’m not a huge fan of this method of using my Dropbox password on a 3rd party app, I wish there was a Oauth’y way or maybe even a dodge share folder solution but I’m guessing this is more a problem on the side of Dropbox than this apps fault as it is purely a hack around for what is currently was unsolvable problem.

Once you are signed in you can choose from a few basic options like ‘Only sync on WiFi’ and specify the paths where your photos and videos will end up inside dropbox. This folder selection is a manual path edit, and that is where the user unfriendliness part of the app comes in.

You are not able to change the syncing timeframe which could get annoying but the automatic 30 minute window seems relevant enough for my use and there is a ‘Sync Now’ option for the truly impatient. Apart from that it just works.. I did find some weirdness when changing the folder paths but it is nothing really when you just wait for it to do its thing. Something else I do like is how it integrates with the Android built-in sync, so if you globally turn off syncing it turns off this app as well which I thought was quite elegant.

Now this is something important that I only just noticed, you can select or deselect images or videos from the Android ‘Accounts and Sync’ section, I did not realise this and some moderate reviews of the app in the Android Market were requesting this functionally.

This is fine if that is where the option is but the app developer just needs to highlight this fact somehow to avoid confusing people.

Overall if you have been wanting to sync all your photos from your phone as you take them, this is your best current workaround and/or solution.

Hopefully we do not have to wait too much longer until this functionally is built into the OS.